Carroll has performed all over the world and even the World famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California where he has entertained many movie and television stars.

"Carroll Baker is a modern day Merlin only better because there is no chance of getting eaten by a dragon while watching him perform."
"Thanks again for the GREAT show!"

Mathew Gray Gubler ~ Star on Criminal Minds show

"Carroll Baker's "Close Up" show was so brilliant, I had to check if my wallet was still there & didn't notice my wife was missing."

Kieth Andreen ~ Star of Film & TV

Carroll Baker is…
The 2002 Houdini-Thurston Award winner for Magician of the Year from the Society of American Magicians. Carroll is the hardest working magician in the Central Ohio Area . Carroll combines his unique comedic sense with modern and classical feats of magic to create shows that are without question side-splitting and baffling.

 Whether strolling a corporate event, performing close-up miracles during a private party or cocktail hour, entertaining banquet guests at an awards dinner or working on a cruise ship, Carroll Baker will leave them not only laughing but totally amazed. 

Carroll Baker

Magician, Funny Man & Card Cheat

"Carroll Baker's "Up Close" show was the highlight of my trip to the Magic Castle. Funny man with magical hands, great combination!"

Katrina Law ~ Star of Film & TV